Palin and McCain–True Republicans, they don’t have to play by the rules!

September 19, 2008

We’ve had 8 years of government that wouldn’t play by the rules. (Excuse me brother can you spare a dime).  The nation is crumbling like some really badly built sand castles on the beach at Galveston Bay.   So hell, elect some more that can’t or won’t play by the rules.  Mrs. T&A is taking over the McCain campaign and probably will ask John to grab his balls and head on home.  Yes, she a women who pushes men aside because she is beautiful and has one thing a man can’t fight, she has female body parts (T&A).  John McCain has that look of a fourteen year old when Mrs. Palin and he are on stage together.  She’s like Viagra, gets his male hormones a going.  He just let her take over. We have all learned a long time ago that the least Johnny McCain says the better off his campaign is. Let someone else sound stupid for a while.  We thought that Hillary was THE BITCH but we now know different. Mrs. T&A Palin has all the things that makes a bitch.  She’s pulls when she should be pushing. Should be listening when she is talking. Talk endlessly about things that she knows nothing about. The Republicans seem to being in the lead on the worst possible scenarios that can happen to this country. Sarah Palin is Anne Nicol Smith to John McCain. John McCain who has now passed stupid and is now into sort of brain disorder I’m guessing Cruetzfeldt-Jacobs Disease. It’s believed to be caused by eating your own. I thinking that Mrs Sarah should becoming down with it at any moment. She definitely has a taste for eating anyone or anything in her way.  She has pushed John McCain aside and probably will be our next President.  She is really George Bush with balls. The ‘eye glass’ princess may be the first lady President. Oh, being a lady had nothing to do with it. This is how America reacts to girls who use their sexuality instead of their brains.  Her whole life she has heard the sound of men’s heavy breathing. She gets off to it. Men to her are the weaker sex and she is right, obviously.


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