Mrs. Palin is hatefully anti-woman!

September 13, 2008

Mrs. Palin and dumb ass extraordinaire just woke up yesterday. She doesn’t know that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Hello, I don’t mind she’s a girl but stupid I can’t stand. The Ice Princess of the north maybe needs to quit screwing over people and read. Oh, I guess she must have banned all the newspapers from down under. Republicans: stupid equals votes. If her daughter had been reading about birth control she might just have made a different choice.  She may not had a choice because using a rubber is the same as abortion in some insane religious cults.  So I guess they just barebacked it and hope for the best. Sex, it sure am good! Maybe you can’t buy rubbers up there. I don’t want to say anything about a ignorant teenager most don’t have enough sense to put one on.  Mrs. Palin was out working away from home when she should have been home raising them babies.  It’s family first where I come from. Here in Idaho we don’t like women working outside the home when she got babies to raise.  Where is her priorities. A women of God and all. A women whose Party doesn’t want to teach children what sexual child abuse is. What kind of husband would ‘let’ his wife work. That’s what happens you get pregnant children. In a state where there is a high volume of sexual abuse reported  a women who is raped must prove it and pay for the rape kit, thanks to Mrs. Palin. So all you women who are proud of Mrs. Palin, go blow smoke up someone ass cause your a fool if you do. The party of weird hatreds: Joe Lieberman who is a Jew hates Jews. Lindsey Graham who is gay hates gays. Mrs. Palin who is a woman hates women. Most of the Republicans who are Americans hate America so much they will do anything to destroy it. Yes there is plenty of to go around.


One Response to “Mrs. Palin is hatefully anti-woman!”

  1. electriclady Says:

    I’m a woman and I find it totally insulting that a dumbass like Palin could be our VP or even the President if McCain gets elected. Isn’t it interesting that a serious contender like Hillary Clinton is shot down for being too smart and too competent when the bee-hive queen Palin is rewarded for being a dumbass. She and her policies (more like her ignorant beliefs) have pushed women back two 100 years or more. Can someone please tell me why people like stupid?

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