John McCain bending over for the Viet Cong?

August 28, 2008

Gay Viet Cong

Gay Viet Cong

War hero Guy, from way the hell back in the 1960’s and 1970’s for God’s sake, John McCain has been calling the Viet Cong a bunch of queers or fags or Nancys or anything but straight hard warriors that they were.  The war is over John McCain!  Your propaganda is over except for gays.  We lost and came home, John, remember. No time for tough talk now fifty years later. I was just wondering to myself if that was tough talk or maybe there is something to John McCain’s “the Viet Cong are a bunch of fags” story. The problem is there are no Viet Cong. They live only in John’s mind. The Viet Cong are now either dead or farmers or businessmen. If a person wants to believe that he is a hero his enemies have to live in his head and heart. Heroes never brag that they are heroes. Men have gone into burning buildings and save whole families but refused to be called a hero. They always said they were doing their job.  Now John believes that sweater have gay powers. That’s what he called his sweaters. Maybe the ‘ gay sweaters’ brought out the feminine side or something.  But calling the Viet Cong fags is alittle more telling I believe. I mean, the name Viet Cong sounds tough to me. Scary and all. So what I getting to is did John McCain bend over for the Cong whether it was forced or voluntary.  Did he let slip out of his mouth what all real men fear.  Bending over for the Cong.  Sigmund Freud might have a field day with that little slip of the tongue. Now I’m not a Doctor of JohnMcCainqueerology but I think John had to know something before it’s comes trippingly off the tongue. Maybe that’s what caused his almost fatal case of fake testosterone poisoning. I don’t know it seems to me he bent over for George Bush a lots of times like the rest of us Americans. Maybe he loves taking it up the kazoo. Maybe it’s John McCain obsession with all things gay that has me thrown.  We all know that John has been a ladies’ man all these years. Always chasing the skirts almost to the point of absurdity. Maybe John doesn’t really know anything about being gay.  I think for John the world is more like high school where everyone calls each other fags. I know John is old school maybe he is just high school too. Could be that the Republicans have a new buzz word for the election. It seems like all things gay are on their lips, so to speak. Oh by the way, John thanks for going your job!


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