John McCain–How white can a man be, no really, how white?

August 19, 2008

John McCain or not?

John McCain or not?

It must be one of those diobolical plans from the super white racist from the Right.  The lightening up of John McCain’s face and body.  What made me think of John as a transdermal transformation is I came across a picture of Michael Jackson in his white period.  His Casper period so to speak. I think John McCain must be trying to make Barack look darker.  What an exceptional ideal idea from the Kovian Right.  How white is John McCain, well don’t have him walk in front of Ellen and Portia in the wedding outfits. He would disappear.  I thought that all white men of means played tennis or golf or fished or cleared brush or something outside. It’s obvious that John hasn’t seen the light of day (in more ways than on) in years.  He is the original pasty white guy.   He is America’s pale face. Casper the friendly ghost.  Why doesn’t he get some of the spray-on tan stuff like on Dancing with the Stars. I know he is locked in his whiteness now because if he got some sun everyone (I mean every except your rotting Press) that he was darkening up to compete with Barack. I think we all know that Barack Obama isn’t white so John you need to lighten up or is that darken up.  Marshmallow doesn’t look good on you!


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