Just say no, to the Dope–John McCain 2008

August 11, 2008

The Dope

The Dope

I really don’t want nobody in the White House who is stupider than me. I mean I know how smart I am and I think I know how smart John McCain is. We have already had one President that was stupider than me or is that I. Well, anyway. It’s not so much being stupid. A Stupid guy like the Commander Guy who is not smart enough to surround himself or is that hisself with people who are a lot smarter than he is just plain dumb. That’s how all the great people in the world have been great by choosing the best. If a guy ain’t or is that isn’t smart enough to do that then is his incredibly stupid.  The problem with John McCain is that he has surrounded himself with people smarter than he, but he still looks stupid.


One Response to “Just say no, to the Dope–John McCain 2008”

  1. aimiesuzyj Says:

    I do not feel like your tongue in cheek grammatical train wreck proves your point. To pull it off, you really need a little more evidence. John McCain is running for president. Regardless of party, any man running for president has to have an admirable IQ. Perhaps his opinions are not to be admired, but we cannot dispute his intelligence.

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