Republicans Best Fag in the World, Oh yeah and the Judas Jew!

August 5, 2008

Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice

The South’s favorite fag and Judas Jew were out lying their brains out this weekend as John McCain sipped Mint Tulips by the pool (John doesn’t work on the weekends).  Republicans sent them out every weekend to lie and deceive us all.  Lindsey Graham the south’s favorite son or in his case favorite (homo-s-e-x-u-a-l) daughter. The three of them are truly the quintessential three stooges. You don’t see any other faux respectful Republicans rushing out to lie for the loser McCain.  It’s the same sad bunch who come forward to praise the evil goings on in the America’s world of politics gone wild. I’ve been thinking they are pathetic and we are more pathetic for even entertaining the idea that John McCain could become President.  A man who represents the greedy, pathetically religious sickos who cling to their fake Gods like a leech on the butt of humanity.  A Party that so despises the fag, the queer, Nancy, Mary etc.  and has so many in their ranks it is laughable. They are the old closet cases that hide and scratch their crotches like Michael Jackson on itching powder.  The Queen royal of Florida is making out like he likes women. I hope he can keep his gag reflexes in check when he has to kiss the kitty.  I mean that smartly dress dandy from Florida Charlie Crist. The south is so full of closet cases like Crist, Graham, and what’s the boy chaser’s name (how quickly we forget). Lindsay is out there selling his wears week after week to the American people.  Only foolish Jews and closeted fags go where angels fear to tread.  They are the lost boys of politics. They seem to be holding the whole Party on their shoulders.  Any other ‘respectible’ Republicans (if there are any left) have walked away from the stinking sinking ship. Climbed into the lifeboats and are waiting for the iceberg to hit. We are so liberal these days when all you got left is the rotting remains of what was a powerful and prosperous country.  Conservative like Joey Liebermann and Linsday Graham will leave us with the Bible and maybe a gun and a flag. The conservatives don’t want any of that stuff. They want us all barefoot, pregnant and hungry that’s how conservatives control the people.  Prosperity is the true liberator of people. China has just proved that.  So where does that put us.  Prosperity make America work it always has. It’s not God or Jesus or the Baptist or the Catholics.  It’s not the flag or apple pie, it’s prosperity.  They want your soul and all the money they can get their hands on. So all you conservatives who want so badly to control those nasty liberals, better open those blind eyes before you are labeled a liberal just for speaking your mind.  As for as Lindsay Graham,  that’s a pickle in my pocket and no I’m no glad to see you.


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