What comes around go around with Cybill Shepherd–Pysched!

July 22, 2008

Moonlighting 1980's

Moonlighting 1980's

James Roday

James Roday

Twenty some years ago Cybill Sheppard was teamed with a smart punk of a young guy named Bruce Willis in a TV series called Moonlighting. I was wondering if Cybill felt a little de ju ve when she start swapping  lines with newcomer James Roday who plays a wise cracking smart ass know-it-all.  His role is so similar to David Addison I had to laugh when she showed up. The only difference is James Roday doesn’t have the overwhelming ego that Bruce Willis’ character had. To Cybill, it must feel like everyone is staying young and handsome, beautiful in her case, but her. Not that she isn’t still a knockout. James Roday is able to hold his own with Cybill. She seems to have ‘matured’ a tad in her acting skills. Her delivery is so much smoother than it was back in the eighties. The episodes were so structured, as most drama series were at that time, the actors seem oppressed by their restraints. It had that ‘Murder She Wrote’ feel about it. Anyway, I hope Cybill’s role doesn’t  get to big.  The series is now just getting it’s feet.  James can at least deliver his lines so he doesn’t sound like David Addison.  It would be nice to have Bruce Willis show up and show James how it’s really done. He was truly a world class smartass.  If you get a chance to rent ‘Moonlighting’ do it. I say rent because Bruce Willis is really hard to take for long periods of time. I really loved the show back when, but it didn’t time travel well.


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