John McCain’s problem is he has the smell of George Bush all over him!

July 18, 2008

John McCain with the smell of George Bush on him

John McCain with the smell of George Bush on him

I wasn’t going to write a post today my computer was acting like an untrained pet with a mind of it’s own. The only thing it hasn’t done is crap on the carpet. Hell, let me check.  Well, I put it in the corner and turned it off and said “the hell with it”. I got back from the gym. I ignored it for almost two hours. When I finally restarted it, it had learned it’s lesson and was doing as it was told. I didn’t want to blog because I was getting tired of saying the same thing over and over. I guess people get tired of hearing the same thing over and over. When I realized people don’t hear what you or I say over and over. There is that ole Firewall that blocks most of it. People are more interested what’s in their head. Not what I think, not what you think. It’s bird of a feather, thingy.  I don’t think all those John McCain ‘dah” folks hear John McCain. I think they look at him. It’s like he’s talking with the sound off. The way I used to do with goofy Toxic George. Like Toxic George John McCain doesn’t have a clue. And of course what does that have to do with anything. It’s like those paper dolls out of cardboard you dress them up the way you want them. You dress John McCain up in an American Flag or a flightsuit. He’s an American Hero.  Dress him up as a playboy and uber rich Cindy is his sugar mama.  It’s like all paper dolls we make them what we want them to be. Of all the accessories in John McCain’s wardrobe there is nothing that makes you think he is smart or deeply intelligent. He has been guided through life by people smarter and wealthier than he. People who wanted to be close to a Hero. People who help John become something. He has had a life full of mentors who have dressed him up like a paper doll to become what they want him to be. The War Hero, the husband, the husband, the husband, a trophy hero for Cindy to show around, then a Senator of almost no importance. Now we are all John McCain’s mentors. It’s time to dress John up. Doesn’t he look good in a top hat and coat. Or maybe is time we put our toys away and look at America and John McCain for what they are. The problem with McCain is he has the smell of Toxic George all over him.


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