John Stewart, “It’s only just a …..”

July 16, 2008

We’ve been hearing that alot lately. Usually dismissing something important as trivial. The best one ever is Toxic George’s insightful statement about the Constitution. “It’s “only just” a piece of paper.”  Larry Craig it was “only just” toilet sex.  Alberto Gonzales, “It’s “only just ” I can’t remember.  After all it’s “only just” 4500 men and women who have died in Iraq. That’s “only just” Iraq cause Toxic George hiding the numbers from the Press who is “only just” happy and willing to do his biding.  Maybe Vice President Dick Cheney is “only just” ready to sale us all out for a buck. Maybe Nancy Pelosi believes she only is “only just”  one Democrat as she and her Party sides with the Republicans and against America and it’s people.  Maybe Joe Liebermann thinks of his own people and their fate in WWII is “only just some Jews” who got what they deserved.  Mr. John McCain once an American hero who probably at one time believed he was “only just” another ‘Top Gun’.  There are a lot of Americans who would never vote for a black man. They had rather drown in the ‘human waste’ of bad Government that ‘only just’ about destroyed America. Sometimes a “only just” is not really a “only just”.


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