Phil Gramm another dirtbag from Texas!

July 11, 2008

Phil Gramm was much loved when he was a Senator from Texas. You could have run God against him and God would have lost. I used to call him turtle head cause, will he looks like a turtle. Phil Gramm is a run of the mill Republican who believes that only the rich and powerful mean anything in the scheme of things. That all us cry babies are just to be ignored. All that wailing and crying in New Orleans was just a bunch of black cry babies. All those who lost love ones for oil in Iraq are just whining little bitches. All those men who came back from the War with head injuries who are living on the streets are just little girls. It’s the ole Republican saying ‘let them eat cake’.  Again the Republican leadership has shown their true colors. They have so little respect for the average guy they can’t even hide it anymore and why should they.  Government under the Republicans and the Toxic George administration have finally had a chance to show the world how they really feel about the average Joe. I guess we always get what we deserve. Then you hear the word elitist used again to describe a Democrat try no to laugh. The true elitist are the Republicans and their conservative base. That 23% that will never be touched by the financial woes that the rest of us are already feeling. That 23% that think that everything is just perfect.  Those who are looking through the rose colored glasses or at least the color of money. As the percentage drops down lower, we will see Phil Gramn, John McCain and all the rest of the members of the white Gentleman club for what they really are. You have heard of the trickle down theory but we are in the anti-gravity trickle up theory. It works the opposite of Reagan’s theory. Make the average guy poor and it will eventually trickle up until everyone is effected even that 23% of die hard conservatives. It seems to be working. Soon it will 20% when 15% and so on and so on. So buckle up you bunch of cry babies we are all in this sinking ship together. Damn pass the cake.


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