Whose holding up the Stock Market?

July 9, 2008

Rush Limbaugh, muscle packed with lies holding up the Stock Market

Rush Limbaugh, muscle packed with lies holding up the Stock Market

It’s amazing that the Stock Market hasn’t lost much value with all the bad news. It’s more than amazing, it’s outright Toxic George magical.  Gas is double in price, the mortgage catastrophe is in full swing, the dollar is losing it’s value. We owe China 28% of our being and the Stock Market just keeps rolling alone. So what’s the deal. Whose putting money into the stock market? The Treasury, or are war funds be transferred over to cover the loses. What the heck is going on. Is all of Rush Limbaugh’s hot air buoying up the stocks. Maybe Bill O’reilly’s insane talk about liberals causing the bad economic news is gaining ground like the rest of his lies. “Them there rich folks don’t seem to be much effected by all these bad goings on, now do they”. I know when it finally does it’s limbo dance, could be Toxic George might be in jail for war crimes or at least headed that way. Maybe I’m dreaming again.  Our Stock Market seems not to be effect by anything. Why isn’t that snowball in hell melting?  I hope it’s not roting under the false skin of good fortune. I know what Toxic George has touched has turned into a pile of stinking scat (not the music). So why not this.  A total financial collapse would really be a feather in Toxic George cowboy hat. If you can’t fix it blow it up. Like some kind of terrorist in the Middle East. Like little critters of his youth pulling off the heads of all that has made America great. We’ve danced this dance before, I just wondered what the f…k is going on. Is this the terrorist attack that all the Republicans dream about or will it be when we attack Iran in October.


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