Jesse Helms–A man before his time!

July 5, 2008

Jesse Helm doing Truman Capote

Jesse Helm doing Truman Capote

As I cry my crocodile tears, saying my heart felt farewell to a man who as stayed too long a the party, I am reminded of his bigotry and hatred as if it was just yesterday. I lament the fact that Jesse was born to soon and he is leaving us so soon almost as a fart in the wind. When Jesse used the word ‘nigger’ it had depth and texture. The word seemed to come alive in the man’s mouth and to develop into something that dismissed a whole race of people as his breath moved over his vocal cords. The way only a Southerner can turn just one word into a diatribe against the black race.  Jesse was just a small cesspool of political garbage that could get away with his nonsense because he was the south’s favorte son. The more he swirled his man made turds around the more beloved he was. I think if Jesse had a political off spring it would be Karl Rove a boy after the man’s own heart.  I would love to see a young Jesse Helm out and about in the world of Republican racism today. The man had balls you can say for sure.  The Republican Party now use surrogates like Rush Limbaugh to spread the hate and divisiveness.  Jesse was at least honest enough to fight his own battles. The political traitors of today hide and whisper and have others do their work for them be it Fox News, CNN, MSNBC.  Jesse had the meanness that only a money grubbing conservative has. A meanness that covered the true nature was what was happening. A slight of hand that only Republican can do so well. I know God has a special place for people like Jesse.  A place where the souls of the soulless go to spend eternity. A place for the Jerry Falwells, Dick Cheneys, the George Bushs. Kind of a Gitmo in heaven where soul cleansing (waterboarding)  is carried out everyday and Jesse can scream out to the top of his voice the  word “nigger” and no one can hear him. That is some kind of heaven? Thank you Jesus, sometime someone’s heaven is someone else’s hell. I know if there is a God in heaven Jesse Helms will get his just rewards.  Good Bye Jesse, sweet dreams.


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