American Family Association and McDonald’s Boycott

July 4, 2008

The American Family Association, a right wing hand wringing organization who are essentially ‘Fag chasers’. Where there is a gay man or women they are there to make their lives miserable. I say this because of all the reasons to boycott McDonald’s they missed the mark. It really kind of shows how homophobic they really are. Has any of them every eaten at a McDonald’s. Food full of sugar, salt, fat and cholesterol and McDonald’s was one of the last to say good bye to trans fatty acids.  Their salads with salad dressing has more calories than one of their fat filled hamburgers. That’s no reason to boycott a restaurant. Kids need of that stuff.  Another thing Clowns like Canadians, Mormons, and Brits are presumed gay until there is documentation with witnesses to the opposite. I don’t know if plastic objects like that clown has any sexuality  or not, I mean like teletubbies have sexual something or other. I do know that all that plastic that McDonalds uses for the ‘Kids in danger’ playpens has jacked up the price of oil on it’s own. Not to mention the fact all that stuff looks dangerous and scary even to an adult. Over the years McDonald has served the hottest coffee on planet earth and at one point gave away little stir sticks that had little spoons on them. Cocaine flourished during that time until they were removed then the sale of cocaine dropped off considerably.  The world of the absurd has again got the fanatics of the right doing their primeval dance of stupidity. I just love it. I love a bunch of tight asses. Hey I got an idea why don’t we use that ole barn over there and put on a musical, Judy and Andy can sing and …..


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