John McCain, passive hero or just there?

July 2, 2008

I hear that John McCain was a ‘hero’.  Of course he is reminded every month by a check of around $60.000 that he is indeed an American hero.  It’s the old saying. “Some people achieve greatness and others have it thrush on them. I was just thinking who is the brave one in the mix of things. Men and women who live their lives in Iraq knowing they could be splattered into a thousand pieces every time they stop a car at a check point. Everyday they live a life of not so quiet desperation. On the other hand John McCain was protected by the Geneva Convention.  He hero status was thrush upon him, his bavery was the passive type. The men and women in Iraq are ‘proactive’, if you will.  There are no bamboo sticks separating them from the enemy. There is no  ‘Geneva Convention’ to protect them. They are ‘out there’. That is the true definition of hero. Someone who goes beyond the call of duty. John McCain is not the only ‘hero’ of Viet Nam.  John stood by as John Kerry was being ‘swift boated’. His honor denied him.  If he was a real hero, he would have stood up for John Kerry just out of respect. Maybe John McCain was a hero like all the men and women who live their lives in harms way in Iraq. He is not a hero like Pat Tillman who gave his heart and soul no questions asked.  John has never been a man of dreams and possibilities. He has just kind of just been there. He is the kaleidoscope candidate all fragmented with color and hues that change with the slight movement of the hand. Maybe he is our ‘Judy in the sky of blue Diamonds’. A hero of sorts, but nothing to write home to mother.  He may have been a hero when he came from Viet Nam, but look at what he has done since.


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