Bush, Kissing the Sheik, it’s just kismet!

January 15, 2008

George Bush kissing the SheikI love to watch a white straight guy doing a little kissy kissy with a guy dress up in a long gown.  George has learn how to do it well.  I don’t think the lips touch the skin but maybe CNN can check it out after they quit stalking Britney. Check the close ups and stuff. I think our George is getting touch with is more feminine side.  I mean he was crying just the other day at Auschwitz over the deaths of men, women and children whose ancestors are the greatest enemy of the Sheik who he is now laying big one on..  I guess that’s pretty ironic don’t you think.  I know that George is a lover of peace and all, not. I mean he even lamented that if he had been President he would have bombed Auschwitz. Of course, he would have killed all the people who would have died anyway. Bombing seems to be the number one choice of weapon of the Prince of Peace.  I wonder why he hasn’t thought about bombing Guantanamo it’s kind of like Auschwitz, pain and suffering and all.  I hope he will talk the Saudis into doing something about Iran. If the Saudis were smart at all they would stay from Herr Bush.  I’m sure that after the Iranians have been properly deposed of there will be other fish to fry. If you know what I mean.  I don’t think the Saudis really want to be pulled into the Oil and Sand Wars of George Bush.  They really need to decide if it’s worth all the death and destruction that we’ve seen in Iraq.


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