Clarence Thomas the only Black American Icon that Republicans loves!

October 5, 2007

xxx-thomas-xxxx.jpgMr and Mrs. ThomasI love me some black Republicans, oh, there’s only one that counts. That’s Clarence Thomas.  The ‘Long Dong Silver’ of black Supreme Court Justices. You know Mr. Thomas “Is that a pubic hair on your coke or you like to see me?” A man still unable to forgive and forget about his conformation. A bitter black man who can’t let go of his blackness and become great. A whiner and pervert to boot. I know I’m  always saying how the Republicans have this belief that is: “Don’t ever give a black man and even break.” What we are experiencing is an abnormally. A whole bunch of white conservatives kissing black ass. The maggots heads on talk-liar-radio all want to sing his praises. He is a great wonderful human being.  It’s just a small pause in the constant onslaught again the black population by the ‘yellow news media’ aka ‘Yellow Journalism’.  A relentless nelative slant  against anyone of color. Part of the strategy of the Republicans in their push  for the White House. I am quoting my now departed next door neighbor in Dallas by saying. “Doesn’t he know his place?” I love it when things like this happen. You know when the conservatives have to kiss up to a black man. Mr. Thomas has done what other black man can’t do. Stick to the white guys. Just the fact that he has them graveling at his feet is enough to make me smile deep down in my soul where is really counts.  The maggots heads all want to talk to the ultra-conservative black man. It’s almost like a circus freak side show. “See the black man betray is brothers for a place next to the white guys.”  I don’t like talking bad against blacks.  So I’m not. Mr. Thomas is too white to be black. You know like Mr. Obama. I don’t mean the color of his skin. I mean the color of his skin in the reflection in his bathroom mirror.  He is passing. You know like the movie ‘Imitation of Life”.  Like Michael Jaskson with his bleach skin and plastic surgery.  Mr. Thomas hasn’t bleached his skin he has bleach his soul. So sad. He is like Larry Craig, he is denies who he is.  I have only praise for a black man who can do what Mr. Thomas  is doing. Getting some respect from the white press and the talking-lairs-radio talking maggots. It’s so seldom occurs. It’s like Hailey Comet. I salute you Sir, even though I don’t agree with your politics.


One Response to “Clarence Thomas the only Black American Icon that Republicans loves!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Yikes! Nothing like an aging hippy to remind the youth why we DON’T want to go down that road!

    I hate to break it to you, but there are many successful black conservatives. Try Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Star Parker, Condaleeza Rice, Juan Williams, Walter Williams, and Ward Connerly for starters.

    But of course, if they are black and conservative they must be evil, right? Leave it to a self righteous lib to define evil in terms of anyone who disagrees. That way you don’t have to confront ideas that differ from your own.

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