Fred Dalton Thompson and his smoking hot wife, Keri

September 6, 2007

mrs-fred-thompson.jpgWhat’s going on with Freddie boy. Is he doing some of the George Bush kind of stuff. I mean it seems that ole Freddie is making up the rules as the come. You know like George Bush did and does. Are we seeing a new George Bush. A guy who doesn’t answer to anyone. He might be a good replacement for The Man. A man who doesn’t pay any mind to what other people think. Apparently that is the case. Does what he wants. He’s his own man. I guess a little Viagra and that young pretty wife of his can have a good ole time. If he should get elected and the travels overseas will all the leaders of foreign always ask why he brought his daughter. Will the little lady remind all the women about young pretty things that steal husbands. Men who have passed middle age and heading for the bed pans and prostate problems. Will her presence remind women that young and pretty is what men want. Women who have given birth to several children and the figure is not quite it use to be. Can they imagine a scenario that this might just happen to them. I’m sorry Freddie does look like an old lecherous man standing next to her. That goofy star struck look that only horny old men have. It seems that Keri and Mrs. Vitter shop for their clothes at the same place. That full bosom look. Nice. I hope Freddie has some real good plans for this nation. I mean to get us out of Iraq and all. That family values thingy. I don’t know. Hey, it’s worked for all the sodomites and the skirt chaser so far. I watched Fred on L&O tonight. I don’t know if we want a non actor in the White House. You know I setting here bad mouthing Fred Dalton Thompson and I just realized that if Fred makes it. He will be better than anything we have had for the last seven years. He needs to tell Keri to dress down. Maybe something in a Amish style. I guess the sales pitch starts tomorrow. If Fred will get his wimpy ass  in the race. The only thing that really bothers me is he acts like a squirrelly George Bush. I don’t mean that in a good way. We don’t need another man’s freakin man. We need a leader. Fred Dalton Thompson, not going to happen. His trophy wife will not sale. You see the young and pretty wife makes Freddie look older and not so wiser.

One Response to “Fred Dalton Thompson and his smoking hot wife, Keri”

  1. opit Says:

    It gets worse. Scuttlebutt is she’s his assigned political manager.

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