May 31, 2007

ex gay preacher and now straight macho guyLiberace passing as straightStraight acting Stephen BennettOnce upon a time, there a kid named Stephen Bennett who was gay.  A boy who liked other boys. A boy who kissed other boys. A young man who did what other gay men do and if you are not sure what gay men do. There are web sites that will inform you very quickly what gays or straights do on the privacy of the internet. If you are a straight religious person I suggest you go very slowly, because you might be a little surprised.  Now your wondering why I’m even discussing this at all.  Well, Mr. Bennett has “straighten out is life” and now he is married and has a lovely family.  He is now an authority on “straighten up gay man”.  He made a comment on Vice President and Ms Cheney picture of them with their grandchild. How the VP is promoting gay life style. I don’t think it’s so bad for Mr. Cheney. It’s the first time he as shown his human side.

SBM’s Firm Unwavering Stand:  No One is Born “Gay” and Complete Change is Completely PossibleThere is Real Hope – Don’t Settle for or Believe Anything Less 

Above is one of those wonderful claims that his ministry. It’s the woulda, coulda, shoulda clause that all snake oil doctors use. He underlined Completely and Real but he should have underlined Possible and Hope. I understand that I’m getting into Stephen pocketbook but hey. That’s what life is all about. Now you say. That’s a good thing, right.  Well, yes I think if you are gay and you have seen the light and you no longer crave that “life style” then I think you should go for it. No one is born gay.  When we are born we are not anything except this little bundle of possiblities. I think anyone that is really straight is not going to stay in that “lifestyle” for long.  One can usually solve these problems very easily and that is by taking a picture.  You said, what the heck are you talking about.  Have you every had the illision that you still like young and pretty. Then someone takes a picture of you. You see the picture of yourself. You go, “Who the hell is that old fart?” You see most photos have their own gaydar included with not extra cost. Pictures don’t lie. Now you dress Liberace in a big macho uniform and in real life he would look like a real man’s man, so to speak. Take a picture. What comes through, gay.  There is picture of Stephen on his websitehttp:  He might think is straight but I think he is just passing. You know acting macho, keeping the pinky down when drinking from a cup, yeah all those tiring little things that gay men learn to cover up over the years.  He says straight but his pictures says gay. You don’t see that loving straight thingy in the pictures. It’s like he is separate for the his family even when they are together.  I wish him lots of luck with the straight thing.  Not to worry we will all be around when he decides that living a lie is just not worth it anymore. When he tells us it was just one big lie.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand lies.  Sometimes having family values is be honest to your family.


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