May 30, 2007

America’s worst enemy–Those evil TeletubbiesHello, before there were blond jokes there was Polish jokes. Like jokes about people from Alabama. Seems like both top the charts this weekend.  Seems like the Poles are somewhat sexually insecure and they think that the Teletubbies will steal away their masculinity. It’s that gay teletubby thing again except in Poland. Sounds like America’s Christian Right is working overtime. I have one that I found in a Wal-Mart parking lot. My dog loves to chew on it. You know this kind of insanity only works if you have lost all sense of reality. If you believe anything that comes down the holy pike. It’s the essence of a good Polish joke. I guess there is a little Polish in all of us. There appears to be a sighting of all kinds of Teletubbies over the weekend in Alabama. The Alabama Homeland Security which is the Alabama own version of the American Homeland Security. You can take courses online to learn how to be a real live on-line militia Homeland Security guy. http://www.homelandsecurity.alabama.gov/  This weekend the Alabama boys and girls from the right have closed it’s website that was the Mother of all websites.  The Joe Friday of all website to flush out all us bad guys. Enemies of the state.  I guess any militia can do what they want. Isn’t George Bush’s America wonderful. It has all the usual suspects. A list of people who the religious right would love to do in.  Let see, I can’t find the News article so I’ll have to do this by memory.  All the conceived enemies of the right wing Republican Party.  Here we go: Gay Rights groups, Animal Rights groups, All terrorist groups, Women Rights groups, Abortion Right Groups, Environmentalist Groups and all those guys who are all part of that Left Wing conspiracy. I guess all that money that the state got from Homeland Security had some strings attached. I am surprised that more groups weren’t on that list like: Global Warming Groups, AARP(full of gays), Mormons, any real Science Groups and yes teletubbies. The good ole boys of Alabama are doing George Bush’s bidding.  Anyone with any sense can see through this kind of bullshit. It’s like the alien invaders of the 1950’s. You see a UFO everywhere you look.  Did you hear the one about a blond polish dude from Alabama with a computer and some teletubbies.  How much money have we wasted on this kind of crap. Save some for the elections boys your going to need it.


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