May 25, 2007

john_boehner_gi6.jpgDo I believe John Boehner (Republican-Ohio) was crying like a baby on the floor of the House. Yes, I believe that.  Do I believe we are in trouble. Yes, I believe that.  Why? You ask.  Because Mr. Boehner is an idiot or has been brain washed by the Bush War Machine.  We have people like Mr. Boehner that sincerely believe this Iraqi mess has about getting even with our enemy.  The problem with Mr. Boehner he was overcome by his own importance. That he is really doing something to protect us from the Al Qaeda.  Our government is full of people like Mr. Boehner who is of limited intelligence.  After hearing several of his speeches. I realize that he is just one step below or above our President.  I really do believe we need to clean out our government in the next election.  We have a government that believes in this Cowboy bull shit.  I’m not just talking about Republicans but also Democrates who believe their re-election is more important than ending the war.  Men and women who have limited understanding of what the hell is going on.  Men and women who hope that can keep us frightened so they can do the business of big business and big government.  I am afraid that we, like Mr. Bush, have chosen people of limited brain power to protect us from their enemy.  Most of them are more afraid of George Bush than they are the Al Qaeda.  Their fear is real,  as it should be.  Ship of State is being lead by bunch of self important fools.  This is what happens when you elect people because they love Jesus and they don’t have enough sense to think for themselves.  It’s time that we start thinking about removing these people who have so unwittingly got us into this mess.  They will not remove the man who has literally destroyed our military and our country.  We need to quit reacting in fear and start thinking about what we really need to do.  George is all show,  he doesn’t have the mental capacity to even know what the hell he is doing.  All he has is a little ‘bumper sticker’ wisdom.  He really doesn’t have what it takes.  How much longer are we going to let him muddle through this, until he has started WW 3.  He is like a demented idiot child playing in traffic.  Lets keep cowering and hope he might someday do something right.  As far as Mr. Boehner, I think his tears are only beginning.  Just like the rest of us we need to get the Kleenex out.  You see, we have a President of many tears.


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