We are all paying Rush Limbaugh salary,thanks America

March 27, 2007

bandits-logo.gifI’m driving over the gym today as I always do during the week and as usual I turn on the radio. I hear the last ten minutes of Rush Limbaugh which is usually all advertising. I think as I listen who would advertise on that radio station. I start hearing all the public service type announcements one right after the other. Some are repeated twice. I thinking the fricking federal government to subsidizing these damn right wing  radio stations. There are thousands of  these propaganda stations all over the nation. So the federal government is probably spending millions and millions of dollars to advertise. We are all supporting these lying mother f…ers. Its the Republicans screwing us around again. They are spending your and my tax money to broadcast all these lying shitasses like Rush Limbaugh.  Is that rich. The Republican party is paying all the lying maggots to lie to you and me. Over the last twenty year they have probably spent billions to the rightist propaganda machine. I thought that you might get a kick out of that. I love the free exchange of ideas don’t you?


2 Responses to “We are all paying Rush Limbaugh salary,thanks America”

  1. Caz Says:

    You have lied here sir, that is almost never what happens in the last 10 minutes of the RL show.And you do not know what subsidize means, nor what propaganda means, else rant all you want. The RL show is “entertaining information” and lots of opinion…sorta like Sam Adams, Tom Jefferson,
    Ben Franklin in his pro-American years.

  2. cr Says:

    Rush signed a 260 ,million dollar contract in 2001
    A total subversive, paid to be.
    What a fucking traitor.
    listen in about 15 mins in to Alex Jones show today at infowars.com (loops until 9am PST – I see nw0.info, globalplantation.org, and bewareofthis.org are down…imagine that


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