La Republican, La ProsituteAnother one of those pro Jesus, pro family, pro hypocrite Republican politican from Washington state was caught with his panties down.  The news reports reads like a French  movie farce with subtitles.  One of those stories that by the end of it all, you don’t know who is doing what to whom.  It’s apparent that they did the ‘Big Nasty’ and other assorted thingys. I’d love to discuss but I have to use the f-word, the sodomy word, and that anal word thingy that I don’t feel all that conformable using. I’m going to put the link here so you can read for yourself. If there are any questions, just forget it. Keep your hands on the computer desk. You better read this quick I don’t know how long this link will be good.

Piss Christ and the Noose

October 31, 2007

lynching.jpgpisschrist.jpgI was trying to think of something that was so emotionally offensive as a noose might me to a black person. I couldn’t think of anything, but I came across something that might just make all us white folks understand how something can be so offensive that it should never see the light of day. Something that shakes our sensibilities. If anyone doesn’t understand they have to be an idiot.

Hilary of New YorkI like Hilary for one reason.  She’s not what we got. We have all the Conservatives Gangbangers who can’t even wipe their own bungs, politically speaking.  Most are so confused in what they believe today and what they believed yesterday that they must have to spend a lot of sleepless nights studying what they believe.  Chief Gangbanger in residence is Rudy Giuliani, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, what does he believe and what does he not believe, I mean today, not yesterday. It’s really a frigging joke. No really, a frigging joke. Rudy as morphed into George Bush, matter of fact he is more like George Bush than George Bush. He is a double duty extra strength type George Bush. For anyone to take him seriously for one minute really needs to have their head examined. He is truly a work of art. Mr. Mitt the true metrosexual of the campaign. He is another one of those who is following the bouncing ball. A chameleon, he changes colors and hues more than the rocks and arches in Mount Zion National Park in Utah. I don’t know what he really believes in except Brigham Young and that might change tomorrow. Fred Thompson, well, he needs to head back to L&A and see if he can get his job back. Mr. Huckleberry Huckabee, he needs to close up his Bible and head on home. He is a man who preaches scripture but hasn’t back up his b.s. with action. He doesn’t have a chance in heaven or hell. I don’t think we are quite ready to be governed my a group religious radicals like Iran, not just yet. The problem with the religious right is they really think that someone really cares what they believe in. George Bush doesn’t even really care what they think. Never did. He just used them for political gain. Toyed with them like they were little kids. John McCain, his train left a long time ago. You see all the Republican Gangbangers want to go after Hilary but they don’t have anyone to run against her. You see everything the Gangbangers try to accuse her of, George has done already and worst.  You never count out a Clinton until the polls are closed. The Gangbangers may have to get a Reagan blowup doll and run it against Hilary. It will take God or Reagan to win this election. The butt bangers only have the religious right to count on. The real hardcore, 24%, most have moved away from the blood splatter of George Bush’s administration. I guess we have to equate death and destruction to the religious Right what else have they got.  Some gay bashing by some ac/dc preachers and anti-abortion folks who have become obsolete because of contraceptives and pills. They don’t even have Jesus because they have become an abomination to all that is holy. They have sold their soul for a little power that will be blown away with the first winds of George’s nuclear war. Maybe Rush Limbaugh who still has his 5% loyal worshipers who have been baptized in his lies. There is such untapped resources in the world of politics. Is that a windmill or you just glad to see me. Mr. LaMancha.


Our favorite fascist Gurls, yes they are: Bay, Michelle, Ann. Yes they are the Hilary busters. They are the un-Charlie’s Angels. They are the vamping vipers of the Republican Party. They are the three witches of D.C. They take their orders from only one man.  Yes, it’s the Bushman and his helper wife (although the press never mentions it) Laura. Usually dressed in full Arabia garb to hide her identity from all those who love her and Barbara. Most of the time she seems invisible. They are facist gurls in the true sense. Mussolini would be proud if they hadn’t hanged him up by his feet and did all those rotten things to him. I hope they don’t end up like him. Maybe all those nooses that are coming out and about are to let all the fascist know that their time maybe acomming. Or maybe not. I’m sure that our gurls are getting all set for the mother of all cat fights in their quest to keep Hilary from becoming the first women president of these United States. They will go where all the metrosexual Facist guys who are running for President won’t go. Places where it takes balls. Something that none our boys from the right  have. Their panties are too tight.  Ok gurls, get in our corners, it’s almost time. Nice sharp fangs, I like that. Nice touch Annie.

hilary_clinton.jpgUdated April 22, 2008

Chris Matthews is such a frigging joke. He is one of the real conservatives. The real enemy of Hillary has been the fake democrats. All those Republican who have registered as Democrats so they could defeat Hillary.  Hillary basically is fighting on all fronts. From people who say they are Democrats but they aren’t they are the ones who tell us to hate Hillary and love Barack Obama.  They tell us everyday that Hillary is ugly and old and hateful and all those things you hear about women everywhere.  She has been called a bitch, a whore, a liar and still she stands tall.  She has been shown no respect from the Press. She still stands strong. Obama has given her the finger.  A man who is running for President gave her the fucking finger. Can you believe that. Yet she is still strong. So who do you want for President Barack Obama, a immature man/boy who won’t be able to handle America’s problems. The kind of hate that has been seen towards Hillary is not of the Democratic Party it’s from the Republican who love to hate. It’s the hate we have seen over the last seven years. It is of the conservative brand. It the hate we need to leave behind. It is not of America it is of the Republicans.  The talking heads of Cable News are trying to make this election a no win for Hillary. What the fuck does she have to do?

dna.jpgWars and rumors of wars. War is like a human DNA marker. There should be a chromosome that could be removed from our DNA. Of course, the chromosome enforcer is the Bible. It seems that the very religious have a need or compulsion for war. It may be because they are so inflexible. A true believer believes with all his or her heart. So how can there be any room for flexibility. It’s written so therefore its got to be true. Cruelty and brutality is just part of doctrine of a true believer. There must be no compromise in what one believes. Over the centuries civilized man has tried to temper the word of God with laws that protect us from those who zealousness has over taken their sensibilities. Like burning people are the stake for being witches. There are many many more examples. I thought at one time we all kind of decided, (at least in the U.S)that we would set our religious beliefs aside and live in a world that accepts all types of people and views of religion. However now we find that we don’t have to do that. That evil chromosome is always right there. Ready for the self-destructive part of human nature to come forth. The President of United States of America knows how to tap that chromosome, its easy. A little bit of fear, a little religion, and a lot of lies and deception, you got it. Someday we will feel good about America again but George Bush won’t be President because he has created an American that no one loves. An America 32% full of hate. I don’t get up in the morning feeling good about where we are. I do know that we will again be a happy exciting America again, If we can only keep our chromosome in check. Stop letting people pull our DNA chain. Let’s shun those people who refuse to let America be great. That saps us of our goodness in the name of God.

This is a repost from Feb, 17,07 post of my old blog… My wrtitng has changed a bit. Thanks

Sometimes it’s just luck!

October 27, 2007

My generations is probably the luckiest ever. I mean it.  We were the product of WWII. The children of a lot of young men home from the war. All horny and stuff ready to rebuild the world.  Ready to grow a new batch of children for the wars to come. Then bam, polio. I was in the first grade when it hit. I went to the circus on a weekend with  a young friend and her dad. I never saw her again. She died of polio a couple of weeks later. Her name was Patricia Christian. A picture of Jesus hanged the the class room until we went off to junior high school with the names of all of our classmates. Little did we know that it would not be the last epidemic that we would see. We stayed in school  until the congress of the United States had a war just waiting for all us fresh warrior meat. We saw the death of a President murder by his own. Then his brother murdered too.  Political  leaders falling like ducks in a shooting gallery. None of the assassins were linked to the government, of course. Then the Pandemic started that wiped out millions around the world.  It was a epidemic that’s cure is being  hampered by religious and Conservatives alike even today. Seems like death has been stalking us all along the way. Then a new batch of Americans sent of to fight another war for oil.  A government again deciding to kill its young for profit. That’s not the worst, the government is now being destroyed by a corrupted political system.  So I guess you could say we a have seen the worst and the best of people. It has been an exciting time to be alive. The most exciting is still in progress. The destruction of our planet. You couldn’t ask to be alive at a more exciting time.  Watching as the planet slowly begins to unravel. I have just regret that all those kids that were born so late.  The kids that are in grade school who will be around to see the gate of hell open wide. We really need to love our kids now. They will have to experience the end and suffer what we have wrought. I’m glad I have a new digital Camera. I live all high in the mountains. Away from the hordes of people that will have to go bye bye.  Needing to buy a little extra food. You know build up a good supply. Those guns that George Bush said we could own will really come in handy. Yes, it’s an exciting time to be alive. Come on George, bring it on. You are the best. Sometimes it pays to be a conservative, huh.

Hey, I’m not afraid of asking stupid questions.  It appears that Barack is stereotyping black people.  I’m thinking that it is lining up pretty much like the white folk’s stereotyping. He going to do a gospel tour. Maybe he can do a Watermelon and Fried Chicken tour next. Maybe after that do the Nappy Head Black Men’s Tour. You see Barack must believe that all black persons (as apposed to all black people) love gospel music. It’s a a chromosome that all black persons have. There is a whole world of white gospel music, too. I don’t see any white candidate having a white persons gospel tour. You’d think that were is no meeting place except black Churches. I just hope he doesn’t start repeating every thing two or three times like Jesse Jackson does.  Do black politicians believe black persons can’t remember anything for more than 10 seconds. I hear he has a ex-gay black guy on the tour with him.  First of all if you were ever gay, you are still gay. It’s like being an alcoholic. Recovering alcoholics always say ‘I am an alcoholic’.  So lets call the ex-gay preacher what he is, he is gay.  I realized it’s probably hard for a black man to be happy in a white man’s gay world. Especially, an unattractive one.  Sounds a little bitter to me.  People who over preach on a subject usually trying to convince themselves and others that they are something they are not. It’s like calling the kettle black. There sure a lot of ex-gays in the preaching business. I guess we know what’s that all about.  Barack may have had so little contact with ‘real’ everyday blacks that he believes they are what whites tell him they are.  Things like there are no black fathers supporting their families. That all black kids are brought up my a single parent, the mother.  Is Barack trying to dummy down the blacks like white people do. I don’t see him doing much black male bonding.  I mean with non gospel singing black persons.  I was joking in earlier post about him being too white, but maybe I need to rethink some stuff. Maybe he is too white. Maybe it’s just a nuisance to him, being black and all.  A cross he’ll have to bare, we all know that it’s the white vote he has to worry about. The Republicans can have black votes thrown out in a heart beat. Ask the boys from the South, Jeb Bush being one.  Maybe just one gospel tour will be enough. Then he can get on with the white voters. I think that Mr. Barack Obama is going to have to identify with blacks to win them over. Bring them up not down. Stop doing his ‘Imitation of Life’ thingy.  With racism becoming part of the Republican game plan, he may be part of the white man’s stereotyping before it’s all over with. Ain’t no doubt about it.

satan-spawn.jpgWow! Looks just like hell in southern California. I mean really like hell.  Do you ever get the idea that we are like the Donner Party heading over the mountains into  paradise. A realization is a good thing. Even for the Religious this must have them on their knees, a praying. Maybe the doomsday stuff is really on it’s way. Hey, we are dancing with the one that brought us. You think God is maybe mad at all of us for being so stupid. I know I get the feeling that none of this stuff is going to end until George Bush is ousted from the White House.  I agree with all you Baptist and fundamentalist that God is angry with man and especially us Americans.  We have had it so good for so long and we haven’t appreciated it much. We kind of believe that God kind of owed it to his chosen ones, us Americans. No where in the Bible does a scripture say anything about the stupid inheriting anything not even the hot Santa Ana winds.  Ever since George cheated his way into the White House America has been under the wrath of Nature(God).  We have fought mightly against God’s will. We have losted. We wll lost again until we understand what He is trying to tell us.  It appears that those closest to God seem to be fighting the hardest against him.  They have given their ears to people that are destroying America and the world. I guess that’s not really a problem. There was a world before America and there will be one after we are all gone. I guess I am in stage four or five in the phrases of a nation dying-acceptance. I’m usually banging the bushes like a mad man. I guess I realized that isn’t doing any good. I have lived a long life and it’s been productive, if that matters.  In a mound of ashes or water logged body, what does productivity have to do with anything. I’ve been so tired of the liars and crooks and all the those religious folks who won’t even inherit the wind. Their foolishness will be their own demise. I feel the anti-Christ is among us and we are too busy dancing to his tune.  I guess we will dance until the music stops.  He is truly a man whom dreams are made of. He is a man of no mercy or loving. He is the Religious folk’s savior. So easily they are fooled. I don’t think God likes stupid people. If God is truly an Alpha Male type like all the fundamentalist believe, surely he will show no mercy to them because they offer it to no one else. They will be a recipliant of  a loveless God that they created. Is the answer just over the next mountain top, I think it might be, Mr. Donner.

Slapping Americans Around

October 23, 2007

I guess we never get tired of being slammed by people. When I say we I mean Americans. I don’t give a damn who it is that’s always someone out there really to slammed us hard working people. Glen Beck say that some of the people in California are losing their home to fire. Some of those people hate America. I really get tired of this phrase. “They hate America.” I remember there was a time in America when you could speak your mind and not be accused of hating America. There used to be somewhat of an exchange of ideas. I know as a young man I loved to debate with others about politics and we never ever accused anyone if hating America. I think we have elevated our talk because now we have to have a clear winner. There can be no ties.


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